Yahya Loud, who was born in the late seventies in the province of Kermisen in southern Mauritania, lived his childhood among the dunes and lakes of the state of Trarza, and there he received his educational beginnings. The features of his personality, vibrant with the spirit of struggle and yearning for justice and equality, were formed at an early age. The student struggle witnessed him through membership in the Union of Mauritanian Students at the University of Mosul in Iraq for a period of two years. Upon his return to Mauritania, he joined the opposition Democratic Forces Bloc party in 1998, and remained a coordinator of the Youth of Hope Movement under The party's umbrella for five years, and its firm belief in the people's need for the efforts of its youth in extracting freedoms and opposing dictatorial regimes. Ould Alloud was part of a cell supporting the Conscience and Resistance Movement for Three Years, which is a secret political movement opposing the regime of President “Muawiya Ould Sidi Ahmed Al-Taye” at the time.

In 2007, with renewed hope for the emergence of a civilian system after decades of military rule, Yahya Loud responded to the call of his country and became an active member in the campaign of the presidential candidate "Ahmed Ould Daddah" during the presidential elections. In the following year, he separated from the "Tewassoul" party, but remained loyal to political and social principles that he defended through various opposition youth movements, including the "Movement for Mauritania," of which he was one of the founders.

In addition to his dedication to the concerns of his homeland and his relentless pursuit of voicing the truth against corrupt governments, Yahya Loud fought throughout his presence in the United States to achieve the essential demands of the Mauritanian community, such as the right to dual nationality and the right to vote. Currently, Yahya Loud is a founding member of the "Hope for Mauritania Alliance" and also involved in the process of establishing the "Strong Mauritania Party."