Membership of the Union of Mauritanian Students at the University of Mosul

He participated in the student struggle and became a member of the Union of Mauritanian Students at the University of Mosul in Iraq for two years.

Coordinator of the Hope Youth Movement

He held the position of coordinator of the Youth of Hope Movement under the umbrella of the opposition “Democratic Forces Bloc” party for a period of five years, in order to support and represent the youth of the party.

Participation in the campaign of the candidate Ahmed Ould Daddah

He actively participated in the campaign of candidate Ahmed Ould Daddah for the 2007 presidential elections, expressing his support for the civil regime.

Participation in the movement for Mauritania

He co-founded the Movement for Mauritania, which defended political and social principles in the country.

Support the Mauritanian community in the United States

Ould Alloud fought in the United States for the demands of the Mauritanian community there, such as the right to dual citizenship and the right to vote.

Membership in the Mauritanian Hope Alliance

Yahya Ould Alloud is a founding member of the Mauritania Hope Coalition, a political organization that aims to bring about change and reform in the country.

Membership in the Strong Mauritania Party

He is a member of the Strong Mauritania Party, a political party in the making.