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Based on the duty of social solidarity and in implementation of the pledges of the representative of the American district, Yahya Al-Loud, to seek to solve the community’s problems, the representative, in cooperation with his office and philanthropists from members of the old community and from the newcomers, and after consulting with the community offices, opened the door for donations to help some of the newcomer brothers who were not fortunate enough to Finding work so far, which contributed to collecting significant amounts of money, made it possible to purchase some supplies (covers, clothes, winter shoes) that will undoubtedly contribute to alleviating the harshness of winter for those of our brothers who need them.
It will be distributed next weekend, November 11-12, in coordination with its beneficiaries and in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Representative’s Office at the following address:

1135 Olmstead Ave
Bronx NY 10472

There will be mobile teams that deliver
These supplies are transported to places where beneficiaries gather in shelters.


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About Yahya Loud

Yahya Loud, who was born in the late seventies in the province of Kermisen in southern Mauritania, lived his childhood among the dunes and lakes of the state of Trarza, and there he received his educational beginnings. The features of his vibrant personality, the spirit of struggle, and the yearning for justice and equality, were formed early on.

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